Hamilton Wormy Chestnut Dining Table


Solid Australian Wormy Chestnut Furniture


1.8m Dining Table - $1490
2.1m Dining Table - $1590
2.4m Dining Table - $1690
2.7m Dining Table - $1790
1.8m Buffet Unit - $1590
2.2m Buffet Unit - $1890
Bookcase - $690
Chairs Available for $160-$250 each


1.8m Dining Table - 180(L) x 100(W) x 76.8cm(H)
2.1m Dining Table – 210(L) x 105(W) x 76.8cm(H)
2.4m Dining Table – 240(L) x 120(W) x 76.8cm(H)
2.7m Dining Table – 270(L) x 120(W) x 76.8cm(H)
1.8m Buffet Unit – 180(L) x 520(D) x 86.8cm(H)
2.2m Buffet Unit – 222(L) x 520(D) x 86.4cm(H)
Bookcase – 126(W) x 38(D) x 186(H)

Additional Information
Made using 100% solid Australian Wormy Chestnut Hardwood
No veneer used
Australian Wormy Chestnut is a species of timber, grown in the vast temperate forests of Victoria. This rich and warm timber varies in colour from light brown to a medium brown and is known for its great strength and durability.
The natural characteristics found in Australian Wormy Chestnut are what gives this timber its world-renowned reputation. These natural markings are usually gum veins or worm holes, which once treated thro0ughout production, give each of our timber products a unique and exciting look, complementing our fresh & modern designs