Timber Bed Frames

Choosing the perfect timber bedframe has never been easier. With fully customisable options and ecologically sustainable materials, you can rest easy knowing we've got you covered.

Australian-Made Timber Bed Frames For Sustainability

These timber bed frames are the perfect choice for your bedroom. Select from various  Australian-made timber bed frames, constructed with elegant hardwoods such as Victorian Ash, Tasmanian Oak, Mauri, and Messmate. Handmade in Australia by master craftsmen, there's nothing quite like these beds. We’re dedicated to sustainability, that's why with every furniture order placed, one tree will be planted in your honour.  

Modern Bed Frames That Are Perfect For All Lifestyles

We offer a wide selection of styles and finishes that will suit every lifestyle. Try one of our modern timber floating bed frames that impress any visitor you may have. Keep your space organised with the Meadow Bedframe Bookcase Headboard & Footboard. From timber frames with storage to ones with exclusive styles, there's something to create an elegant, modern look in any house or apartment.  

Contact Us For Custom-Made Bed Frames

Trouble finding the perfect piece? Fortunately, our bedframes can be fully customised to ensure you can truly get the ideal fit. From the choice of timber to the style and specifications, we’ll ensure you can get what you desire. We’ve got single timber bed frames, king timber bed frames, and everything in between. Contact us to find out more about our custom timber bed frames.