Timber Side & Lamp Tables

The Acacia Tree offers high-quality, and Australian-made, timber side tables and timber lamp tables, crafted from first-rate, environmentally friendly materials like messmate and Tasmanian oak. Built to last, many of our collection items were made without veneer and come fully built and ready to use.

Australian-Made Side and Lamp Tables For Sustainability

When shopping for a solid timber side table or lamp table at The Acacia Tree, you’ll rest assured knowing that we source our materials from local Australian suppliers as part of our commitment to sustainability. Whether it’s messmate, Tasmanian oak, or Victorian ash, our products are both high-quality and environmentally friendly. As an added bonus, you’re also helping to support local economies by buying our furniture made in Australia


Modern Timber Side and Lamp Tables That Are Perfect For All Lifestyles

A modern timber side table is the perfect addition to any living space. Our range, including products like the Dante Messmate Lamp Table and Noah Lamp Table, boasts stunning light tones that showcase the ingrained beauty of the wood. From spacious designs with plenty of storage to sleek and modern pieces, it’s safe to say we have options for a natural timber side table to suit any lifestyle.

Contact Us For Your Custom-Designed Side and Lamp Tables

Our Australian-made range is completely customisable, from the timber colours down to the materials used and the size of the piece. Simply Contact Us to get started on creating your own custom-designed timber side table or lamp table today to suit your unique needs and preferences.