Timber & Wood Bedside Tables

Whether you want 2 or 3 draws, light or dark staining, we’ve got you covered. Our timber bedside table designs are sustainable and fully customisable.

Australian-Made Timber Bedside Tables For Sustainability

We’re dedicated to sustainability. That's why with every furniture order placed, one tree will be planted in our plantation forests. Now is the time to choose from various Australian-made, hardwood timber bedside tables. Our bedside tables are constructed with elegant hardwoods such as Victorian Ash, Tasmanian Oak, Mauri, and Messmate. Curated with high-quality, environmentally friendly materials, and created by master craftsmen, you’ll find no better alternative. 

Modern Bedside Tables That Are Perfect For All Lifestyles

Can't find the right combination of modern and rustic? Our collection of contemporary timber bedside tables has features for every lifestyle. The Theo Tasmanian Blackwood Bedside Table is crafted from pure Tasmanian Blackwood. This beautiful solid timber brings warmth and life to any room. These Australian-made timber bedside tables are practical and stylish – perfect for any bedroom.

Contact Us For Custom-Made Bedside Tables

Available in custom sizes, our designs give you a blank canvas on which to create your own masterpiece. You can pick and choose from a combination of Australian timbers, hardwoods and designs with a light or dark timber finish. Choose large drawers for storage, an adjustable shelf for holding books, or small items and cable management holes to keep your wire clutter hidden from view. Contact us to find out more about customisation.